The Trump administration’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has put lives at risk. The failure to ramp up testing, the failure to manufacture enough protective gear and medical equipment, the elimination of key offices and positions charged with pandemic preparedness, and the refusal to use the full force of the Defense Production Act—all have cost lives and worsened the pandemic.

As COVID-19 spreads across the nation, members of the AFT are on the frontlines fighting to keep everyone safe.

Our nurses, respiratory therapists and other healthcare members are helping patients under extraordinary and unimaginable circumstances—without enough staff, testing, ventilators or basic protective equipment.

And with most schools closed, our teachers and school staff are dealing with a wide range of concerns—from how to make sure low-income students get meals, to how to help their students keep learning at home, to how to juggle their own families’ needs. They’re concerned about the digital divide, and they know that distance learning is not appropriate for many English language learners and students with disabilities.

Our members are fighting for all of us. As one way to recognize their sacrifices and hard work, we have created this space to share their personal and heartbreaking stories.