Washington state nurses are dealing with difficult circumstances as they balance caring for coronavirus patients with keeping their own homes safe and themselves healthy. One such nurse, working in ICU critical care, details her experiences on this shared Washington State Nurses’s Association’s blog.

“When I pull into my garage after my 13-hour shift, the first thing I do is strip off my scrubs. I throw every­thing I’m wearing into the washing machine, turn it to the sanitize setting, and start it up,” she writes. “My shoes never come into the house. I walk through the house naked, straight to the shower, trying not to touch anything along the way”

A mother of several kids, her heart breaks to – after 13 hours of being away – keep them at a safe distance until after she showers, and even then she worries if she’s disinfected well enough to protect her family.

As the number of coronavirus patients continue to grow, personal protective supplies like masks and gowns continue to shrink. “This isn’t a tomorrow problem, or a next week problem. It’s a right now problem,” says the nurse. She and others like her are desperate for fresh supplies. “Give us a fighting chance. Your family’s life. Your life. My life. They all depend on it.”

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