Two frontline nurses were recently interviewed by CNN regarding the conditions in their respective Ohio and Vermont hospitals. Rick Lucas, a rapid-response nurse, and Deb Snell offered their views on PPE rationing and the national response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re terrified. We’re reusing PPE here in Ohio” said Rick Lucas, a rapid-response nurse in the state. “Every effort must be made to get PPE in the hands of the frontline healthcare workers… He [President Trump] needs to do his job so that we can do our job.”

Of the potential rationing of healthcare, Deb Snell said: “It’s going to be happening nationally, and it’s just tragic. I want to take care of my patients to the best of my ability.” She spoke about the shortage of protective gear and ventilators for patients, arguing that nurses have to be protected in order to remain on the front lines. “I can’t take care of you if I’m in the bed next to you.”