New York City’s Department of Education has lost 50 employees to suspected coronavirus-related deaths as of mid-April, according to a new report on Chalkbeat. Included in the toll are 22 paraprofessionals and 21 teachers, along with 2 administrators, 2 central department employees, a guidance counselor, a food service worker, and a facilities employee.

The report highlights that paraprofessionals – who earn around $26,000 per year and represent only around 19% of the education workforce – make up more than 44% of the department’s deaths, clearly indicating that the coronavirus has “fallen disproportionately hard on low-income communities of color.”

“We can’t just keep posting things on Google classroom and not address the emotional [and] mental health needs of our families,” said Liat Olenick, a Brooklyn elementary school teacher. “Kids are losing their teachers. We’re losing colleagues. We need support.”

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