Lisa Weise, a high school biology teacher in East Lansing, Michigan, is setting an example of how teachers and other public service workers might look after their colleagues in the healthcare field, reports

When Weise saw several social media posts about friends in healthcare dealing with a lack of personal protective equipment on the job, she had the idea to repurpose goggles from her classroom and to work with her students and local student robotics leagues to create plastic face shields for local nurses and doctors.

“People are donating their safety glasses; they’re making fabric masks; and right now we’re sharing files and figuring out ways to make the full shields,” Weise said.

“It’s just a relief to feel like I can help. I am in a helping profession, and I’m feeling, you know, a little lost. Just to have someone say, thank you for this help and even just wearing our goggles, it just means a lot,” she added.

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