More than 6,300 surveyed educators working in c have shared their thoughts on how reopening their schools in the fall might look, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Most educators and school staff are hesitant about reopening before an effective vaccine has been developed, and many feel that a hybrid model, featuring a staggered schedule and provisions for immunocompromised staff and students, is the safest first step in making the transition.

“It seems obvious that class size reductions would be an absolute minimum requirement,” one teacher responded in the survey. “To allow minimally six feet of personal space, the average room will contain only 10 to 12 students – in early primary grades, even fewer because of more random movement.”

Still, some are fearful of the repercussions of moving too quickly. One teacher wrote: “Teachers WILL die if schools reopen too early. Students WILL get exposed and potentially [suffer] long-term consequences of the virus we don’t yet know enough about.”

The district’s superintendent, William R. Hite Jr., has formed working groups which will consider the input of teachers, parents, and students as the planning process moves forward.

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