Schools and educational advocacy groups around the country are urging congress to provide billions of dollars in aid funding to their field in order to prevent potentially catastrophic teacher layoffs, a result of coronavirus-related school closings and economic downturns, reports Education Week.

“An estimated 20 percent loss in combined state and local revenues would likely result in some 275,000 teachers being laid off in big city public school systems alone,” wrote a collection of superintendents in a letter to federal legislators. “The ramifications are not only profound for the students involved, but for the nation. This educational catastrophe could weaken the country’s economic foundation for years to come without significant financial support from Congress.”

A study quoted in the report notes that schools will need an average of $70 billion in each of the next three school years in order to avoid destabilizing cuts, including reacher layoffs.

Advocates are hoping for at least $200,000 to be allocated by congress for schools in the next round of coronavirus aid disbursements.

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