Anisha, a dentist based in Los Angeles, knows firsthand the horror stories of healthcare professionals working without proper equipment and protection. She knows that now is not the time to remain silent, but the time to raise our voices. Her story and her advice on what we can do:

“Workers wearing trash bags as gowns because they don’t have enough hospital gowns, nurses being told to wear the masks until they physically break, physicians not being allowed to get tested for covid-19 as a hospital employee…the stories are only getting worse. This PPE shortage is only increasing healthcare worker transmissions as well as patient-to-patient transmission, and we will be nowhere close to eradicating this virus until we can solve this issue.

So WHAT can we do? We can fight for them! We can implore our leaders and our government officials to advocate for more supplies that align with the WHO and AMA guidelines. We can make phone calls and write letters and create awareness on social media to get their attention. Anything helps. Ultimately, if our heroes don’t get the equipment they need, we will cripple our healthcare system’s ability to fight this virus and many many more lives will be lost.”